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Rice production line sending to India

nutritional rice machine, fortified rice maker, man-made rice making plant, rice processing line  DATE:2020/09/12

Transportation companies are so busy now, because the exchange rate of the USD to RMB keeps falling so buyers busy to pay for their goods and sellers busy to send goods for their clients. And meanwhile, transportation company catch the chance to rise price. The more so, the more eager people are to ship. So now the cost of shipping not only high, but also hard to book. Africa, Middle east, South America, Asia, Russia, many of our customers paid for their orders, so we have been busy shipping recently.  Today we sent a rice processing line to our India client. Even we tow countries have some little conflicts, but I think it is like the conflict between husband and wife, will become harmony soon. Not to mention, we are not government, we are just civilian, we don't have any unpleasantness with our India clients.Wish our clients business is booming!