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Madagascar cornflake/froot loops production line snack food making machine

cornflakes making machine, breakfast cereal equipment, froot loops production line, snack manufacturing machine, food production plant, manufacturer, Madagascar  DATE:2023/05/03

The cornflakes production facility was ordered earlier this year and was completed in April and then sent to Madagascar. Whereafter our after-sales engineers came to install and debug the equipment. After a few days of installation and commissioning, the production line has now reached a normal operating state, with a maximum output of about 300kg/h. The facility is also equipped with sugar spraying and flavoring machinery, as well as packaging machines, providing a fully integrated production process.

cornflakes making machine

This particular line has been designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing it to be efficiently deployed within the customer's plant. As a result, its layout is optimized, reducing the space required while also increasing operational efficiency. In addition to core products such as cornflakes, rice flakes and oatmeal, the line is also capable of producing a range of snack foods, including cereal loops and puffed snacks.


The raw materials used in the manufacture of these products come from a variety of grains, including corn flour, rice flour and wheat flour. These grains go through a series of processes before being extruded and puffed, and then baked in low and high temperature ovens. Other equipment provides cooling, flavoring and packaging to create a finished product that is as nutritious as it is delicious.