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TSE78 food extruder machine produces crunchy snacks

food extruer, snack making machine,manufacturer, crunchy snacks making, snack making machine, pet food extruder  DATE:2023/09/23

This video(will watch on Youtube) is one of our new food extruders whose model is TSE78 that was producing a kind of fried snacks whose name is "vegetable roll" in China. The "vegetable rolls" in the video are semi-finished products, after frying and flavoring, they will change into a golden yellow color and have a crunchy mouth feeling and delicious flavor. 

crunchy snacks

The TSE78 food extruder is a multifunctional food extruder that can make many kinds of human food such as corn sticks/balls, core filling snacks, Bugles, Doritos chips, breadcrumbs, pasta,  and pet food such as dog food, dog chews, cat food, fish feed. It is especially good at making artificial rice like fortified nutrition, golden, and instant rice.