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Fried snacks Doritos chips production line

snack making machine, Doritos chips production line, Bugles manufacturing plant, crunchy snack equipment  DATE:2023/12/02

This snack production line was producing Doritos chips as a testing item to show to one of our customers(watch the snack production line working video on Youtube). We can design formulas for our clients and also test clients' formulas. 


There are many models according to different capacities for customers to choose from. The food extruder is the core machine of the production line and determines the output of the production line and is one of the main factors in the quality of products made by the production line. The capacity range of the snack extruders is from 100kg/h to 500kg/h.  If a larger output is needed, multiple extruders can be equipped in a production line. In addition to producing Doritos chips, the fried snack production line can also produce Bugles, Chinese dough twists, rice crusts, 3 d snacks, and so on.