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Kenya nutrition powder/instant porridge production line

nutrition powder machine, baby food making machine,baby cereal making machine,instant porridge making machine,nutrition flour production line  DATE:2024/01/06

This is a baby food production plant in Kenya, our client ordered 2 baby food production lines from our company in 2023(Watch the video on YouTube). 

nutrition powder production line

After about 1 month of manufacturing, the 2 production lines were finished and then passed through inspection, test, and delivery to the client. About one week later, one of our after-sales engineers came to the client's factory to help them install and debug the equipment and train their workers. In about one week, the production lines were installed and debugged successfully and the workers could operate the machines skillfully. Now the workers of the client are more skillful, the quality of products is better and the production efficiency is higher. The equipment can produce nutrition powder, baby cereal, instant porridge, and so on.