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Snack food manufacturing machine produces crispy snack

snack food processing machinery,cereal extrusion snack making machinery,food processing machinery,puffed snack food processing line,snack making machine  DATE:2024/02/04

These are our snack-making machines that produce a kind of puffed crunchy snacks(Watch the video on YouTube). 

crispy snacks

The shape of the snacks is like a piece of tube and the taste of the snacks is delicious and can be flavored with many kinds of seasonings. The raw materials are mainly grain flour. The whole production process is the raw material is mixed in a mixer and then transferred to a food extruder, then the extruder will extrude, puff, and mature the raw material and then shape it into a general shape and a cut blade next to the mold will cut the stuff into needed shapes. At that time, the foodstuff already has the shape of a snack, we can call it a semi-finished product. The semi-finished product will be transferred into a frying machine, and then a flavoring machine, then a packaging machine, then the finished product is received.