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Two-color food extruder produces heart-shaped snacks

snack machine, food extruder, froot loops, snack extruder  DATE:2024/03/30

This is our two-color food extruder machine that was producing double colors heart-shaped puffed snacks in the video(Watch video on Youtube). 


The raw material is corn flour and the capacity of this extruder is 300-400kg/h its model name is TD. The TD model food extruder is our new type of food extruder that can make bicolor snacks such as corn sticks/balls, Bugles, Rice crusts, Doritos chips, and core filling snacks; pet food such as dog food, cat food, fish feed. It not only has the feature of making dual-colored food but also has the feature of high efficiency. In the same size extruder machine, the TD model extruder's output is 3 times of a normal twin-screw extruder.