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Edible rice drinking straw production line in Hunan, China

edible rice drinking straw machine, edible straw produciton line, edible cutlery manufacturing plant  DATE:2024/06/07

This is a client's factory of edible rice drinking straws(Watch video on YouTube). The customer ordered this edible rice straw production line from our company 2 months ago. After more than 20 days of production, all the machines on the entire production line were completed and passed inspection, and then packaged and loaded for shipment to the customer's factory. A week later, all the machines were shipped to the customer's factory in Changsha, Hunan. After the customer has completed the water and electricity facilities in the factory, our technical after-sales personnel came to the customer's factory to install the production line. After five days of installation and debugging, the entire production line reached production standards and started production. From the video, you can see that the customer produces edible rice straws in original colors. The color is mainly determined by the color of the raw materials based on rice flour. In fact, straws of various colors can be produced under the premise of ensuring that they are environmentally friendly and edible. In addition, the diameter of the straw can be set at will from 3mm to 14mm, and the length of the straw can be set to any desired length according to needs.

edible rice drinking straw production line

In addition to producing edible straws, this production line can also produce edible spoons, forks, knives, and edible tableware such as ice cream sticks, as well as pasta and some puffed snacks.