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TSE78 frk fortified nutrition rice extruder machine making dog food

dog food making machine, pet food machine, cat food maker, fish feed manufacturing machine, frk plant, manufacturer  DATE:2023/04/07

As I said before, our TSE78  food extruder is a multifunctional machine like our TSE75 extruder. They are not only can produce high-quality fortified nutritional rice(that is the reason many Indian enterprisers like our TSE75 and TSE78 model extruder), but also can make puffed snacks such as corn sticks/fingers, corn balls, core filling snacks, Doritos chips, bugle snacks, rice crispy that both fried and oil-free snack food. What's more, some unusual products such as breadcrumbs, biodegradable cutlery/drinking straws/packing foam peanuts can also be made. How about the production of pasta or pet food? That's a piece of cake. This is the video of the production of dog food from our TSE78 extruder(will whatch on youtube).

Below are pet food samples made by our pet food machines.

pet food