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Instant Porridge Making Machine Nutritional Cereal Jujube Flour Production Line

instant porridge making machine,jujube flour production Line,Nutritional Cereal Manufacturing Plant,nutritional flour maker equipment,baby food maker,instant porridge machine  DATE:2023/04/15

This is a food processing factory located in Xinjiang China that is using our nutritional powder processing equipment to produce nutritional powder such as jujube powder, almond powder, and grain powder.

Video of the nutrition flour production line working(Will watch on Youtube).

 In addition, the equipment can also produce instant porridge, baby food nutrition rice flour, sesame paste flour, puffed snacks (such as puffed corn sticks, corn balls, and core filling snacks), and other foods. This is a small-capacity production line with a capacity of 200-300kg/h. The main equipment includes a pulverizer for crushing dried fruit and grain granules and grinding the puffed material granules into powder, a powder mixing machine for mixing raw materials, a screw feeder for transferring raw material from the mixer to the food extrusion machine, a twin-screw food extruder (the extruder is the main factor for product quality and output), an air conveyor for conveying the puffed material particles from the extruder to the oven, and an oven for baking the puffed material.