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Crispy rice made by our puffed snack production lines in a food plant

snack production line, snack food plant, Bugles making machine, fried snacks processing equipment, cornsticks maker, Doritos chips manufacturing machine, core filling snacks extruder, crispy rice making  DATE:2023/05/20
This is a medium and large food processing factory located in Luohe City, Henan Province. The food factory ordered 4 snack food production lines from our company many years ago to produce various fried and oil-free puffed snacks, such as Bugles, Doritos chips, crispy rice, Chinese dough twists, pizza rolls, potato chips, corn sticks, cheeseballs, core filling snacks,3 D snacks, etc. After years of operation, the business of the food factory has grown bigger and bigger, and the existing production capacity can no longer meet the demand. Therefore, recently ordered 3 production lines from our company again.

In the video(will watch on YouTube), crispy rice crusts, a kind of traditional Chinese deep-fried snack, are being produced. It can be seen that there is almost no human operation on the entire production line. From raw material processing, to semi-product, frying, seasoning, and finally packaging, all are automatically completed by the production line. While saving labor, it also improves production efficiency, and due to the reduction of personnel participation, it also reduces the introduction of bacteria and viruses.

snack food plant

The production line is mainly composed of flour mixing machines, automatic feeding machines, food extruders, horizontal conveyors, automatic frying machines, seasoning machines, and packaging machines. The production line configuration is reasonable, economical, and practical. Our company provides customers with after-sales services such as formula, installation and commissioning, technology upgrades, and worker training so that customers can buy affordable and using worry-free.