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Chile puffed snack making machines shipping

puffed snacks making machine, snack food production line, snack extruder, twin-screw exruder, tri-screw extruer, Chile food factory  DATE:2023/05/26

Today, a small puffed food production line passed the inspection of our quality inspection department, packed and sent to Qingdao port, and will be shipped to Chile by the sea in a few days. This small production line includes a powder mixing machine for processing raw materials, a screw elevator for conveying raw materials, a food extruder for extrusion, puffing, and shaping of raw materials (the food extruder is the core equipment of the production line ), a core filling machine used to inject fillings into stuffed snacks, a multi-functional shaping machine that can make foods into rich shapes, 2 elevators, a dryer used to bake foods more crispy and a seasoning machine for adding various seasonings to food.

snacks making machine

This production line can use corn, wheat, rice, and other grain powders as raw materials, and can produce puffed snacks of various shapes, such as corn sticks, cheese balls, puffed rice, fruit loops, cocoa puffs cereal, core filling snacks, etc., and can also produce dog food, cat food, fish feed, and other animal food.


The difference from the ordinary puffed food production line configuration is that this production line is equipped with a three-screw food extruder. Three-screw food extruder is a new product of our company. Compared with a twin-screw food extruder, a three-screw extruder has the almost same power, larger output, and is more delicate. Taking the 65-type twin-screw extruder and three-screw extruder as examples, the output of the three-screw extruder can reach twice that of the twin-screw extruder.