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Artificial rice produced by rice fortification machine unit in Nanjing, China

artificial rice machine,artificial rice making machine,fortified rice machine,fortified rice,frk,rice extruder  DATE:2023/06/10

This is a medium-scale artificial rice production line in Nanjing City, China with a 600-800kg/h capacity that just been installed and debugged byone of our after-sale engineers and start to produce artificial rice. 

Video of the artificial rice production line in Nanjing City working(will watch on Youtube).

It can produce various artificial rice with different applications and colors and shapes such as nutrition rice/dal, golden rice, instant rice, couscous. 

artificial rice extruder

It is composed of a mixer, a screw-conveyor, a TSE78 model food extruder(the core machine of the production line, and is a multifunctional machine that can produce snacks, artificial rice, textured vegetable protein, breadcrumbs, biodegradable cutlery, pet food, etc.), a vibrating screen, an air conveyor, a group of horizontal conveyor, and a cooling machine.