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Three screw extruder human snack pet food making machine

three screw extruder,twin screw extruder,snack making machine,food extruder,pet food extruder,dog food machine,fish feed making machine,human snack equipment  DATE:2023/06/17

This is our three screw food extruder that  produces crispy rice, corn sticks. It can produce various human food and pet food.

Video of the tri-screw extruder working(will watch on YouTube).

three screw food extruder

 The two screws of the twin-screw extruder form one meshing surface, while the three screws of the three-screw extruder form three meshing surfaces, that is, the meshing area of the screws of a three-screw extruder is equivalent to three sets of the same power twin-screw extruders’ screw meshing area, so the extrusion efficiency and shearing efficiency is high, and its output is twice that of the twin-screw extruder with the same power. To produce the same quantity of products, the cost of manpower, space, etc. is doubled reduced. And it saves energy because the power of the main motor, heating coil and other components is reduced. so, it has the feature of high output and low energy consumption.

It also the featured of: The gearbox has a long life; Internal mixing function and good dispersion effect; Good exhaust performance; Self-cleaning function; Long life of screw; Automatic lubrication system.