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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

dragon boat festival  DATE:2023/06/21
The Dragon Boat Festival is here, and blessings are sent from thousands of miles away: glutinous rice is sticky and fragrant, the love is strong.

One Dragon Boat Festival a year, and one healthy life!
Jinan Sunward Machinery is full of blessings for you: I wish you good health, a happy life, and auspicious work; I wish you good luck, peace, and youth. .....
      At the same time, we would like to convey our Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangements to all new and old customers. Holiday time is:
      Beijing Time: 2023.06.22-06.23 a total of 2 days.

During this period, if you have product consultation needs or equipment after-sales questions, please contact: +8618865917315 (Whatsapp/Phone)

dragon boat festival