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Our new factory started production

food machinery, snack making machine, pet food production line, artificial rice machine, fish feed manufacturing plant, food extruder, factory  DATE:2023/07/01
As the company's sales performance continues to rise, the original production capacity can no longer meet business needs. The company started planning the construction of the new factory last year. After nearly half a year of construction, the infrastructure of the new factory was completed, and the equipment of the factory began to be relocated one after another. Due to the nature of our machinery  manufacturing enterprise, there are a large number of large-scale heavy production equipment and a large number of machine parts in the factory, and production must also be taken into account. Therefore, the company's strategy of moving while producing also leads to a longer relocation period. It took about a month before the relocation came to an end.
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Now, the new factory has entered the trial operation stage. The workshop area of the new factory is nearly 10,000 square meters, and modern production facilities are readily available. It is believed that after the official operation of the new factory, the production efficiency will be greatly improved, and the overall level of our company will be promoted to a higher level. As a professional manufacturer of food machinery, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality food making machine and pet food production equipment. After the opening of the new factory, it is expected that the annual production capacity of various food production machines can reach 5,000 units.

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The runninng of the new factory marks our further development in the food machinery industry. We will continue to uphold the concept of professionalism, innovation and integrity, continuously improve product quality and service level, and provide customers with better solutions. We believe that through our unremitting efforts, we will continue to make greater contributions to the development of the food processing industry.