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A food extruder is uesd to produce puffed rice as a test before delivery

twin screw extruder,corn extruder machine,machine,puffed rice,snack making machine,food extruder,manufacturer,puffed food  DATE:2023/07/07

Food extruder is a kind of equipment specially used to make puffed food. It changes the molecular structure of starch and protein in raw materials through high temperature and high pressure extrusion, so that the food can obtain puffed effect. And puffed rice, as a popular snack food, can be enjoyed like popcorn, and can also be processed into more kinds of delicious snacks. In the video, at the request of a customer, our technicians inspect and test the machine by producing puffed rice before delivery. The equipment in the video is a small twin-screw food extruder model TSE65. The installed power of the extruder is 35kw, and the output is 100-150kg/h. It can produce a variety of puffed foods, such as puffed rice, puffed corn balls/sticks, core filling snacks, crispy rice, Bugles, Doritos chips, etc. It can also produce dog food, cat food, fish feed and other pet food and breadcrumbs, corn flakes, artificial rice and other products.

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In addition to providing high-quality food machines, we also provide a full range of services. Our professional after-sales service team provides customers with production line installation, commissioning and maintenance, staff training, production guidance and other services around the world to ensure the normal operation of equipment and customer satisfaction.

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