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Soya Chunk Extruder Makes Textured Vegetable Protein

soya protein machine,soya chunks machine,vegan food,tsp,tvp  DATE:2023/07/15

This is one of our small soya protein extruder machines that was producing textured vegetable protein to test a customer's formula. Video of the soya protein extruder working(Link to Youtube).

This client wants to produce textured soy protein and other vegan food. So we demonstrated the production process in the face of the client. After seeing our factory, our machines, our skilled workers and technicians, and the products that are made by our machine,  the client was satisfied with our vegetable protein machine.


The model of the tvp extruder machine in the video is TSE65-S whose capacity is 200-260kg/h. The raw material is low-temperature soy meal.

soya protein extruder