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Floating and sinking fish feed extruder machine

pet food machine,aquatic feed machine,dog food making machine,dog cat pet food machine,pet food pellet machine  DATE:2024/02/24

Our pet food machines were producing fish feed as a test item before delivery in this video(Watch the video on Youtube). 

Our pet food machines can produce pet food such as dog food, cat food, monkey food, etc, and they can produce aquatic feed such as fish shrimp crab holothurian abalone feed, both floating and sinking feed can be made. The common diameter range of feed made by our machines is 1mm-15mm and the capacity range of our pet food machines is 100-5000kg/h.  If a larger output is needed, multiple extruders can be equipped in a production line, then the output will be increased exponentially. 

fish feed production line

A whole production line usually involves a mixer, a screw conveyor, a pet food extruder, an air conveyor, a dryer, 2 hoisters, a flavoring machine, a cooling machine, and a packing machine.