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Core filling dog food made by pet food productionline

dog food machine, pet food extruder, pet food production line, dog food plant, core filling dog food  DATE:2024/03/01

This is in one of our clients' factory. A pet food production line was producing core-filled dog food(Watch the dog food line working video on Youtube). 

pet food production line

It is a small-scale production line, and the capacity of this production line is around 300kg/h. Meat paste can be used as a filler to enhance the content of protein. This production line can adopt grain flour, soy chunks, fish meal, bone meal, fresh meat(our grinder can grind them into paste), animal fresh bone(our grinder can grind them into paste), etc as raw material. The pet feed shape can be changed by changing the mold. In addition to producing pet food, it can also produce shrimp feed, crab feed, holothurian feed, fish feed, etc aquatic feed.

The whole production line involves a mixer, a screw conveyor, a feed extruder, an air conveyor, a dryer, a flavoring machine,a cooling machine and a packing machine.