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Two-color Puffed Food Extruder



The two-color puffed food extruder has been transformed and upgraded on the basis of the ordinary twin-screw extruder, so that it has a larger output than the ordinary twin-screw extruder, and the same machine can produce two colors of puffed food and pet food. In the past, in order to obtain two colors of products, manufacturers need to mix two kinds of finished products, or two core machines produce at the same time, and then mix products of different colors. The emerge of this two-color food extruder perfectly solves such problems. What's more, it can produce one product with 2 colors, which cannot be achieved by previous technical means. Our company is the inventor of this technology and has applied for related technology patents.

Technical Parameters:

 Model  Installed Powder  Main Motor Powder  Capacity  Dimension
 TD-I  68kw  55kw  300-500kg/h  2520x850x1300mm

Production Bicolored Snacks:


Production Bicolored Pet Food:


Bicolored Snacks:

tow-color puff snacks

Biocolored Pet Food:

biocolored pet food

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